Half-Orc Barbarian; Stonefire Rager


Mortell learned what he could of survival very early on; the local lords made certain of that. Many were the times when village children would be spurred on to mob and beat him til he could barely crawl. A half cast he was wanted by neither human nor orc settlements. It was during this time that he learned to fuel his rage but without the skills necessary to harness it the beatings only got worse.

A passing band of marauders burnt his town to the ground and took him captive for sport. Bound and watched there was little Mortell could do to escape. The fury swelled and he managed to break his ropes and grab the sword of the bandit within the building. With all the strength of his 14 years he threw the sword, impaling the bandit against the wall and escaping into the night.

Over the following years he travelled fairly aimlessly, seeking anyone who would train him in the art of war. Many were those who saught to steer him to the sword but larger, more vicious, weapons took his fancy. Mortell grew skilled with all weaponry but eventually found a sect of monks in the Annalid Mountains who took him in, hoping to teach him not only to fuel the fire but to control it, and encouraged his training in axe combat. They saw to it that he was more than just a bloodthirsty fighter by opening his eyes to battle tactics and strategy, all the better to destroy your foes.

After several years of seclusion Mortell decided to move on.
To put into play the things he had learned.
To test his skills against the mightiest of foes.
To seek revenge.
To champion a cause.
To uncover lost treasures.
To find glory.


The City of Rist Mortell